Flood might be set in a post apocalyptic future - but just how likely is it that Hull could really end up underwater?

Back in 2015 Dr Hugh Ellis, head of policy at the Town and Country Planning Association (TCPA), warned that sea levels are rising and that if action isn’t taken soon places like Hull may not exist in 100 years.

That might sound like something taken straight out of Flood but perhaps it's not so far fetched. After all, Hull and its people have already experienced some serious bouts of flooding in recent years.

Speaking at the Hay Festival, Dr Ellis said: “There are one or two people in the Department for Communities and Local Government who are looking at this, but most are planning for a 60cm rise by 2100 but the science tells us that it is going to be at least double that.

“We need to think about moving populations and we need to make new communities. We need to be thinking, does Hull have a future?”

In places like Spurn Point the coastline has moved around 12 miles in the last 10,000 years and currently retreats at an average of up to two metres a year - so are we all going to be fleeing to the wilderness, looking for safety?

Alongside all that, a recent study by Harvard University showed that sea levels have risen faster than expected in the last 20 years as a result of global warming - so the water is on the rise everywhere.

It’s clearly an issue that’s on the mind of a few people:

All might not be lost though. There are plans to spend around £36 million on the flood defences right here in Hull with the Environment Agency and local council teaming up to try and tackle the problem before it arises.

If we've learned anything in our time here so far, it's that it'll take more than a bit of water to stop the people of Hull.