When we started working on Flood we knew that we wanted to create an ambitious and challenging piece of theatre that could be experienced across a range of platforms and mediums.

One of those mediums is video - but we didn’t just want to make filmed version of our plays, we wanted to try something totally different that would add an extra layer to the story we’re telling on stage and online and in digital.

Flood is packed full of themes and ideas that are worth exploring and talking about at length - but a piece of theatre can only be so long - and that’s where our vlogging everyman Ryan comes in.

Ryan exists in a world that isn’t quite ours and isn’t quite the world of the play. He’s a fictional character exploring the real world and we’d love for you to join him on his adventures as he explores the themes that feed the Flood universe.

He's just a regular person making films about stuff that matters to him but what you'll find is that his interests have an eery alignment with some of the questions and ideas raised by Flood.  So if you want to immerse yourself in the larger themes of the play in an unexpected way, and maybe have some laughs along the way, Ryan is your guy.

There are a few films available to watch online already and if you want to keep up to date with everything he’s doing, you can always subscribe to the Films About Stuff That Matters YouTube channel where new films are regularly posted: