(This article first appeared on 10/08/17)

We hope you've set reminders, scheduled recordings and arranged your viewing parties for this Saturday's screening of Flood Part 3: To The Sea at 10:00pm on BBC2 as part of Performance Live! 

The whole team came together to make something that we think is really special so we hope you'll tune in to see how Gloriana and the other residents of The City By The Sea continue their Flood stories.

Of course, part 3 will be all the better if you're up to speed on the story so far - so we've prepared a little care package for you to make sure you're well and truly immersed in Flood:

Watch Flood Part 1: From The Sea

Watch Flood: The Story So Far

Listen to Flood Part 2: Abundance Podcast

If you can't tune in on Saturday, don't worry! Part 3 will be up on BBC iPlayer afterwards so you'll still have a bit of time to get caught up before Part 4 drops later in the year.