Flood Part 2 was a huge and exciting undertaking for the whole Slung Low and Hull 2017 teams but we couldn’t have done it without the help of the people of Hull, especially 47 very special people…

At the heart of the performance was a chorus of 47 volunteers from the local community whose role it was to animate our floating city and amplify the moments of emotion and drama throughout the play.


Their cheerfulness, determination and patience was second to none and they were a wonderful reflection of Hull’s values during this year of culture.

Our little gang got closer and closer as we pushed on through rainy rehearsals together and into the final performances of part 2 with the good people of Hull.

It seems only right then that we look to our community cast to see how they felt about their experience and what it was like to spend night after night out on a floating platform on Victoria Dock!

I had so many favourite bits but I loved the boat ride to the stage each night and being a part of a big professional team. Even when there were hitches we all came together to figure it out. I’m feeling very privileged to see how such an amazing production works from the inside and being made to feel a part of it. Getting to spend a heap of time with a really special group of volunteers and make so many new friends was priceless! - Sue Jarrell

For me as a non-swimmer and being frightened of the water I took to the platform like a duck to water. Walking back along the walkway could sometimes be a bit scary but I felt really looked after by the whole team and I can’t wait for October to be reunited with my Flood family! - Shirley Mackman-Lenton

I saw three fellow Flood cast today and after going through the ritual of the mosquitto, tattoo and stars moves form the show we all said how we absolutely loved the experience. We have so much to be grateful for, it’s something we will never forget. - Sue Robson

Loved the way we all jelled together on the first full Saturday when we all ate together, friendships were made and codes for actions instilled in us forever. Loved every minute of it and can`t wait to put my thermals on the radiator again in October. - Janet Anderson

The warmth of the whole team, actors, Slung Low, technicians and volunteers was a joy. Waiting to get pulled in at the end of the performance by Lucy and then walking the bridge back, we got more confident as the week went on. I loved every bit of it, even when I couldn't feel my toes because they were so cold! - Stella McKendry

Out of all the things I have had the opportunity to volunteer for during this year of culture this has been by far the best, most exciting and challenging. Who would have thought standing getting soaking wet could be such fun! Thank you Slung Low and Hull City of Culture 2017 for this amazing opportunity! - Mhairi Robertson Rees

I thought the whole experience was amazing. I always wanted to act and at 63 Hull City of Culture and Slung Low gave me the opportunity to fulfil my dream. What an awesome thing to do. I will never forget it ! - Carol Baldry

A truly amazing production to be involved with, I was fascinated seeing how it all came together as a performance. It was also a great privilege to work with such a great group of volunteers. When I signed up to be a volunteer I never imagined that I would get an opportunity like that. At the end of the day it was a big ask as a time commitment and energy but we all met the challenge! I think everyone really appreciated that they had achieved something, at least I think that is why everyone was smiling or laughing at the end of each production. - Paul Benson

In the end, we all bonded like one big family. - Adam Matthew Peckitt